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087 - Lou Reed – Transformer

087: Lou Reed – Transformer (1972)

I had been looking forward to this since hearing the Velvet Underground's record from The List last year.  Especially knowing that David Bowie worked on it with him--now that I'm finally appreciating David Bowie...I thought this was going to blow me away.

And, well, it didn't.

I find this album to be a bit uneven.

Granted...this could totally be my state of mind at present.  Maybe I'm just not giving my full attention to it in order to let it properly blossom.

There are three songs here that are undeniable classics: Perfect Day; Walk on the Wild Side; and Satellite of Love.

Who doesn't like to drink San-grey-ya's in the park?  How does Perfect Day so perfectly toe the line between corniness and ballsy rock splendor?  Is it the line "you're going to reap just what you sow"?  Perhaps.

Yeah, that doubled bass line on WotWS is perfection.  I also love how Lou's doot-doo-doot's are then answered by the background singers dreamy, reverb-soaked doot-doo-doots.  The way those background vocals crescendo--growing in intensity, coming more forward in the mix.  Especially just before that coolly iconic sax solo at around 3:39.  What??  How could that have been done better?

Satellite of Love sounds like a Bowie song to me.  Those background vocals are sweet--bom-bom-bom.  I like Lou's treatment of his (or his character's) relationship with TV lyrically.  "I like to watch things on TV" becomes "I LOVE to watch things on TV" becomes "I love to watch things on TV".  Bowie's background touches on the final chorus are the perfect change-up texturally.




086 - The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy

086: The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy (1985)

The first time (and maybe first two times) I heard this record, I was pretty sure I would be chalking this one up with the major missteps of The List.

I had never heard any of this record.

Eventually, I was struck by how ahead of its time it was.  This sounds like the late 90's to me--not the mid-80's.

I don't give much of a kcuf about the effects and distortion and all that.

I did find it interesting that they were heavily influenced by The Beach Boys and 60's pop.  Their evolution of that sounds was to layer it with their gauzy distortion and effects.

The songs I like--Just Like Honey; The Hardest Walk; Cut Dead (they love that boom-ba-boom jingle); and Sowing Seeds (changes it to boom-ba-boom crack).





I wanted to love Transformer.  I liked several tracks, no doubt.  I walk away wanting to hear more of David Bowie's work--more so than Lou Reed's.

I grew to like The Jesus and Mary Chain more than I thought I would at the start of the week...but I don't see how this fits into my life.  But we'll see.

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