Over the past few years, I've been busy writing the material that will make up my next album.  Those of you who have been to my shows this past year, or have visited my SoundCloud page have heard the early stages of these songs. Around this time last year, I decided I was ready to start recording a new album, but I would look for the best producer and band that I could find.

So, I looked...and I, well to be honest, I wanted to look, but wasn't really sure where to turn. So, I mostly just yearned.

And, that's how weeks and months pass.

Although during that time, I had been working with a coach and clarifying who I am as an artist, and what my goals are. I also copped to my constant quest for perfection--which can sometimes (read: almost always) keep me trapped in this loop of intention without any manifestation.

On the positive side, though, during that time I was also performing these songs around NYC. This gave me a chance to fine tune the songs.  Some songs fell to the side...but others developed in interesting ways.

Now that I had the songs, I needed to shift my gaze toward recording them in a way that is authentic, independent, and good enough.

After creating a list of all the things I would need to get, or people I would need to meet, in order to finish this record, I realized:

I have all of the tools that I need to record the album myself.

So that's what I've started doing. I'm recording all of the instruments myself, singing all of the vocals, and doing a lot of adding and subtracting.

I have the basic tracks recorded for most of the 10 songs, and have 4 songs completed (just waiting to be mixed by the incomparable Bryan Cook once I raise the dough).

I'm really proud of what is taking shape. The album will be called "Held Momentarily".

I will be starting a crowd-funding campaign in the next couple of weeks through Pledge Music.  I'll be sure to keep you informed as the campaign is launched and what you can do to help bring this project to the light of day!  Thank you for your interest and support!

Happy Holidays!!


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