Look ma, I'm on the [internet] radio! Last week, I received an email from one Simon Darke.  As it turns out, he's a DJ in the UK who hosts a weekly internet radio show featuring independent soul artists.  He informed me that he'd selected the opening track of my new album for his next show.  Not really knowing what to make of this contact from beyond, I told him how flattered I was and excited to be on the show.

As a musician, I often get emails promising this or that (often scams)...so I had cause to be cautious.

He told me that he'd be live blogging the show on Facebook during the show--and encouraged me to join and be part of the conversation.

I started the live stream of Simon's radio show called "It's All Soul To Me" on 365soul.com (which plays each week at 11am-1pm EST).  I was impressed with the caliber of the music he'd selected, and felt an instant sense of community.  I logged into Facebook and saw that he really did have a bunch of fans discussing the songs as they came up--just for the love of the music.  They were so supportive of me when my song came up...which I tried my best to take in.

Check out the show below for some great music.  "All You Ever Needed" from my new album "Held Momentarily" comes in at about 38:54.  I just realized that Simon takes out his spoken interludes on the SoundCloud version of the show--which is a shame because he said some really nice things about me, in his thick London accent.  He described the album as an eclectic mix of R&B and jazzy flavored tracks.

It was a really intoxicating way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Thank you, Simon!


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