There are very few overnight successes. Very few entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profits, candidates, spiritual leaders, activists or people in a successful relationship that got there with thunder and lighting. It happens with a drip.
— Seth Godin
Photography: Stacie Huckeba

Photography: Stacie Huckeba

It is approaching three years since soulful singer-songwriter Jesse Correll moved away from Jersey City.  He was looking for a change of pace and found it in Nashville.  

Jesse released Held Momentarily, his third album and first release in 15 years, just before the move.  Looking back at that collection of songs, two main themes emerge: reflections on a period of his life when he wasn’t pursuing music and the journey back; as well as a new romantic relationship—feeling its depth while knowing it too is impermanent.  

When he arrived in Nashville, he knew he wanted to focus on two things: creating a songwriting discipline deeper than he’d ever adhered to; and launching a podcast for singer-songwriters that explored equally all of the facets of being a performing artist today.

In pursuit of the first goal, he started a songwriting club with a few songwriters he met at his weekly meditation group.  The task was simple: each writer takes the same prompt (a word or phrase, like “reining in your arsonist”) and uses it somewhere within a new song, finishes it within two weeks, and shares with the others in the group.  As part of this shapeshifting group, Jesse ended up writing 28 songs over the course of more than a year.  

For several years, Jesse had been mulling over the idea of starting a podcast for singer-songwriters.  He was drawn to the intimacy and specificity of the medium.  Having moved to a completely unknown city, he also knew this would be a great way to meet fellow travelers and garner their tricks of the trade.  In early 2016, he launched The Hexagon: A Podcast For Singer-Songwriters.  By the end of 2017, he had explored six aspects of being a working solo musician (songwriting, performing, recording, business, growth, and life) with 21 artists.

“These two projects have really galvanized me as an artist,” he shares.  “I learned that I have more discipline as a writer than I’d ever realized and found a community of songwriters that push me to explore and reveal even deeper truths through song.  With The Hexagon, having these intimate conversations with my guests continues to show me where I can put more focus to grow while affirming the things that I’m already doing well.”

In early 2018, Jesse has begun releasing his fourth album Steady Drip one song each month, exclusively to his patrons on  “Releasing the album in this way is allowing me to connect directly with my fans, immediately as I’m finishing the work,” he says.  “I’m continuing to plumb deeply personal terrain, in hopes that I find that magical spot where the highly individual experience rubs up against the universal.  I hope people hear my unfolding story in song and it inspires them to take the risks needed to stay true to themselves.”